Celebrating the Life and Works of Dr. Ganda Singh



1) Title: Kukian di Vithya Vol.1
Publisher: Author
Pages: 363

2) Title: Afghanistan da Safar
Publisher: Parkash and Co, New Delhi.
Pages: 152





4) History of The Gurdwara Shahidganj, Lahore, From its Origin To November 1935 Compiled From Original Sources, Judicial Records and Contemporary Materials

5) Life of Banda Singh Bahadur Based on Contemporary and Original Records

6) A Diary Of The Partition Days 1947 

7) The Panjab in 1839-40: Selections from the Punjab Akhbars, Punjab Intelligence, etc. preserved in the National Archives of India, New Delhi


9) Some Confidential Papers of The Akali Movement

10) Maharaja Duleep Singh Correspondence (History of the Freedom Movement in the Punjab Volume III)



1)  Proceedings of The Indian Historical Records Commission

A) The Persian Akhbars in The Alienation Office, Poona (Vol. 16 1939) 

B) Some New Light on the Treaty of Bhyrowal (December 16, 1846) thrown by the private letters of Sir Henry Hardinge (Vol. 17 1940)

C) Akhbarat-I-Lahaur-o-Multan (Vol. 21 December 1944)

D) The Punjab News in the Akhbar-I-Darbar-I-Mualla (Vol. 24, February 1948)

2) The Journal of Indian History

A) Nanak Panthis or The Sikhs and Sikhism of the 17th Century 
(Vol. 19(2); Aug 1940; pp 195-219)



C) Some Correspondence of Maharaja Duleep Singh (Vol. 27(1); April 1949; pp 1-23)

* Related Document:- Maharaja Duleep Singh Correspondence (History of the Freedom Movement in the Punjab Volume III)

D) A Diary Of The Partition Days 1947 
(Vol. 38(1); April 1960; pp 205-32 and Vol. 38(2); August 1960; pp 241-84)

 E) The Origin of the hindu-Sikh Tension in The Punjab (Vol. 39(1); April 1961; pp 119-23)

F) Three Letters of Maharani Jind Kaur (Vol. 42(1); April 1964; pp 265-80)

3) Proceedings of Indian History Congress

A) Contemporary Sources of Sikh History (1469-1708) (1938)

B) The Maratha-Sikh Treaty of 1785 (1939)

* This research paper was also reprinted in January 1940 issue of 'Darbar', Khalsa College, Amritsar.

C) The arrest and release of Sardar Lahna Singh Majithia (1940)

D) Muslims Relics with the Sikh Rulers of Lahore (1943)

Commemoration Volume/ Abhinandan Granth 

1) Mahamahopadhyaya Prof. D.V.Potdar Commemoration Volume
- Early Maratha-Sikh Relations


1) Social and Religious Movements in the Punjab in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries - Dr. S.P. Sen (Ed.)
— Socio-Religious Movements in the Punjab in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries - Dr. Ganda Singh


1) Guru Nanak's Works: A Bibliography

2) The National Bibliography of Indian Literature (1901-1953) Vol. 3 (Panjabi)

 Bibliography Of Sikh Religious And Historical Literature Dr. Ganda Singh


1) The Sikh Character and Sword 
(Sikh Culiminates in Khalsa Guru Nanak Dev Mission Tract No. 376)